Orsmek (Orcs)

The Orcs of Archos are not the Stupid, Savage Brutes of other fantasy worlds. Rather they are Just as intelligent as other races, but are possessed of a deep tribal culture that appears uncivilized to outsiders.

The oldest legends state that Orcs arose from the same primordial beings as the rest of the humanoid races on Archos. Those beings that swore themselves to Gork and Mork, the twin Gods, were given power physical forms, but they lacked the grace and dexterity gifted to some others.

While the specific practices and rituals of each tribe varies, there are a few tenants that are consistent among all orcs. Sacrifice, Strength, and Honor

-The life of the warrior is a feather, the survival of the Clan: a mountain

-The Strength of the Clan is found in the Strength of Its Warriors

-Honor before all else

-Nothing is more honorable than Victory

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Orsmek (Orcs)

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